Water Management

Water Management

No one likes a wet and muddy yard. Poor drainage can turn your beautiful yard into a muddy swamp that can quickly become completely uninhabitable. That standing water can easily form cracks in your foundation amd destroy your yard. If your yard suffers from poor drainage, you need to take action now before serious damage happens to your home, plants, or yard.

If you have a low spot in your yard that tends to gather and hold water, you can turn that space into a beautiful retreat with a rain garden. Rain gardens function by aggregating water in a naturally low section of your yard while utilizing water-loving plants to bring some beauty to the space. When rains become heavy, these gardens often flood, giving your yard the look and feel of a beautiful lakeside retreat.

Another effective way to manage runnoff and erosion is a dry creek bed. Dry creek beds are not only great for water management, but also add texture and beauty to your landscaping. Dry creek beds are a very low maintainance addition to your landscaping.

You can also fully clear the water from your yard and have it drain out into a safe location like the street by installing a French drain. French drains are small pipes that are installed below the surface of your yard to safely transport water away from problematic portions of your yard. French drains and other subterranean drains can easily drain your yard and have it looking beautiful year-round.

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