Bringing Luxury Living Outdoors

If you want to improve the functionality of your outdoor space, a hardscape overhaul can really work wonders. From retaining walls to pavers and creeks, hardscapes can help turn your yard into a beautiful retreat. Even a simple stone or paver pathway can easily help you separate your spaces and make each section functional and accessible.

If you are looking to turn your backyard in a luxury entertainment area, outdoor kitchens and fireplaces are popular ways to expand your living space and increase your overall home value.

Design: Our hardscapes will follow the same process as our landscapes. We begin by sending a member of our elite design team out to your property to walk through the project with you. We are happy to do hardscape installations alongside landscape installations, through more extensive installations will need to be done before landscape can be installed. Once we have established your overall 3D hardscape designs, we will move onto the installation process.

Installation: Hardscape installation is more intensive than landscape, and will usually take more time than landscape. Depending on how extensive your overall design is, you can expect your hardscape to be installed between 10-15 days.

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