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Coyote Creek Landscapes is proud to serve the greater Nashville area with superior quality landscapes, hardscapes, water management systems, irrigation, low voltage lighting, and site work. We are a company set up and designed to provide the superior service for new construction builders of all sizes, all of our practices have been focused to ease the process of building in the final stages. We take homes from the brick stage and continue them until the last piece of sod is laid. Coyote Creek has the manpower, know-how and resources to complete any project from large development work to standard home packages. Our quality of install and material is untouched in this market we pride ourselves on having top quality material for any budget.

Whether it’s developing a creative new landscape from a builders or homeowner’s vision, or using an architectural design, Coyote Creeks’ professional and efficient team will transform your vision into reality. We will ensure that each project is a success from the start through our interactive team approach. We involve all the necessary parties as to not create confusion and put in great detail all expectations of the homeowner and builder. We provide superior communication and product throughout the entire project.
In conjunction with your landscape project, Coyote Creek offers complete Hardscape Construction services including segmental block retaining walls, paver walkways or patios, among other amenities that will complement and add value to your landscape investment.
Over the past few years the greater Nashville area has taken a great approach in dealing with surface water run-off. We have excelled in this field as many new homes are required to have rain gardens, modified French drains and other types of water management systems. We have worked with many builders on these projects and can provide an easy cost effective process to installing these water management systems.
Coyote Creek is equipped with many pieces of heavy machinery at our fingertips. We provide services of digging utility ditches, rough grades, land clearing, basement / crawlspace grading and final grades. Our operators are experienced and have the tools and know-how to complete a project in a timely manner.
Coyote creek provides the highest quality irrigation systems, with ease of use and function. Our systems are designed to conserve water and last for years to come.

Turnkey Solutions for Your Landscaping Vision.

Coyote Creek Landscapes is quickly becoming Middle Tennessee’s premier go-to partner for landscape and hardscape design/build and maintenance.

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Graham Mosley is a wonderful guy: personable, likeable and, most importantly, accessible. His commitment is to make his customers happy, resolve any issues amicably and quickly and get the work done the best way possible. Inevitably, landscape work begets problems you never saw coming, but Graham Mosley is quick-witted enough to turn problems into opportunities for improvements to the original plan. He’s a thinking man’s contractor.
Hunter Herr, Grove Park Construction
“The folks at Coyote Creek are great to work with. Honest, full of integrity, and extremely hard working. Couldn’t ask for a better company to work with. Thanks guys!”
Brian Killen